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Monika ••●☆
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Hi! ••●
I love MUSIC (classic, alternative, indie, hard and progressive rock, British punk, some indie pop and other),
art (illustration, drawing, photography, typography),
I'm interested in make up and cosmetics in general, including Korean cosmetics (not only bb creams).
Btw, out of Kpop I like Big Bang and G-Dragon,
travelling (I've been to: Japan x 2, London x 2, Paris, Slovakia),
some fashion (I foockin' love clothes okay.),
b&w movies, Film Noir, Ingmar Bergman's movies, surreal, fantasy, some sci-fi,

MUSIC CONCERTSSSSSSSSSSS! Live music is the best.

And I absolutely adore British comedy (panel shows included) in general!

●•• My favourite comedians' list include: Monty Python, Stephen Fry, David Walliams, Simon Pegg, Noel Fielding&Julian Barratt, David Mitchell;
●•• My favourite Doctor is Eleventh.
●•• I'm crazy over Sherlock Holmes (not only BBC's Sherlock!).
●•• Do I love slash? Of course I love slash! Johnlock, Noelian, Jagger/Bowie and other weird stuff ftw.
●•• Do ya love me? Are ya playin' your love gaaames with meeeeeeeeeEe

So yea, I'm kind of a geek... Geek-ish at least.